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Cody Dixon Rules

Cody/Dixon Rules

All shooters must wear period correct (1860-1899) clothing, boots, and a hat.

Rear sights must be period correct (1860-1899). They may be either barrel mounted
open iron sights, or a tang mounted adjustable sight.

Front sights may vary from simple blades to hooded types with interchangeable inserts. Spirit levels are allowed.

Optical or Receiver mounted sights are not allowed.

Rifles must be of a design, and a model, readily available prior to 1899.

Lever Action Rifles must be tube fed and have an exposed hammer. Marlin 336’s and 1895’s will be allowed.

Single Shot Rifles must have an exposed hammer.

Spring-loaded ejectors are not allowed, except for Trapdoors. No Savage 99’s, Ruger #1’s, H&R’s, or “Little Sharps” rifles are allowed.

Rifle cartridges must be of at least .30 caliber, and be a center fire rimmed Rifle cartridge that was readily available prior to 1899. The 30-30 Winchester, 32 Winchester, 38-55 Winchester, 40-65Winchester, 43 Spanish, and 45-70 Govt. are a few examples.

No cartridge smaller than the 30-30 Winchester will be allowed.

Smokeless or Black Powder will be allowed.

Duplex loads for Black Powder are allowed.

Bullets must be all lead. Paper patched bullets and use of gas checks are allowed.

All Rifle shots must be fired “off-hand.” No leaning, supporting, or resting will be allowed.

Each stage will require a total of six rifle rounds to be fired.

Ammunition for Single Shot Rifles may be staged, loaded from the body, or loaded from stock mounted loops made of a period correct material.

Lever Action Rifles may be loaded with all six rounds at the Loading Table. If the Rifle will not hold six rounds in the magazine, any over capacity rounds may be staged, or loaded from the body, while on the clock.

Rifle targets distance will be from 50 to 150 yards.

Targets should be of varying sizes, with smaller targets being used for the closer ranges.

Any SASS approved Main Match Pistols and Shotguns may be used. In addition, period correct Winchester 1897 and Marlin pump shotguns in 20 gauge are allowed. Also 1893 pump shotguns are allowed.

Shooting style and type of powder is each shooter’s choice. You can shoot with one hand or with two, use Modern or Traditional class pistols, and shoot smokeless or black powder.

If a Cody/Dixon Match is to be shot in a Team Format, the following also apply:

a) Minimum team size will be six shooters. Teams with eight shooters are also allowed. It will be the Host Club’s choice which to use

b) Half the members of a team must shoot Single Shot Rifles, the other half must shoot Lever Action Rifles

c) Shooters may share rifles, but a shooter must shoot the same type rifle for the entire match